Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yosakoi (2)

As previously mentioned there was a festival this weekend! We had a great time, it was our ACR of 2009. For those of you who just said, "wha?!", ACR - known by the rest of the world as ACL, or Austin City Limits Music Festival, has become a tradition we share with our friends. We all pack up for the weekend and head to Austin for three days of rock n' roll, or as we like to also say, "the rock n' roll theme park". This year, for obvious reasons, we did not get to attend this awesome event and even though the void can never be filled, we helped it out a little bit this weekend. Except maybe not since this was a dance festival-not rock n' roll, but they did have a Japanese trio sing during the break at one point.

On to more interesting things. The colors were vivid, the food was awesome looking but kind of odd tasting, there were sweets everywhere, and the dancing; well, the dancing was some of the coolest stuff we have ever seen. Every group started out calm with flowing karate moves of some kind but then, all of a sudden, the music would switch up and boom! you were in a video game or something! The dancing got all intense and there were guys running around with flags and the MC was screaming on the mic. Every group had an MC that pretty much rapped to the music adding quite an exciting element to the performance.

So, it's obvious - we really enjoyed this festival. It was like our own little Sasebo ACR (said like a pirate by the way), sorry if it still doesn't make sense, it's definitely an inside joke thing.
See for yourself:

Yes, a chocolate dipped, sprinkle bannana was consumed, but no, we did not buy one of those awesome masks. Kinda sad about it too.

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