Tuesday, March 23, 2010

spring time

Just as winter comes to an end here in Japan something like snow starts to take over the scenery. It's time for Cherry Blossom season!

image via flickr.

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

thoughts from a little couch in japan

It is hard to believe that I have become the girl that doesn't update the blog and trust me I am getting a handful from the parents about it. I never meant to stop updating - lord knows I love to talk. The thing about it is, I have been curled up on our tiny little couch for the last month, unable to do anything for fear of throwing up on an innocent bi-stander. Which, have you know, I have avoided doing at least three times in public. So proud of that, it's really a huge test in self control I have decided. So - if you found that last bit of writing un-appealing and full of TMI(that means too much information, dad) then you might just understand why there is a lack of updates.

As previously mentioned things are going to be looking up soon. We are exactly one week away from our first visitors! Mama and Papa Willett are coming from Dallas for a crash course in our new life! We will be taking the Shinkansen (bullet train) for the first time to Tokyo and Kyoto!!! I am so excited to sit down and go 200 miles an hour. We all survived the Mission to Mars ride at Disney World, so I know we can take this one. There are a few other things we can't wait to do. Like cross the street with a thousand people at the Shibuya Crossing and go to the Golden Temple in Kyoto. That is right, there is a temple made totally of gold. What?? Yea, so excited for that one. Of course, there are some other things that sound appealing - like sleeping on a bed, having someone make that bed daily, the possibility of there being whole wheat toast at our hotel breakfast buffet, and maybe finding some real pizza.

The weather is reminding us a lot of Texas right now. You know, one day is rains, the next day it doesn't, one day you wear flops, the next day it snows. But, just like my nausea it's starting to even it's self out.

We found a great new apartment! It had two rooms and a bed. It came with an A/C unit, a stove top, refrigerator, and even a washing machine. That is right, apartments here don't usually come with any of those things. Just a gas line and a bunch of plugs. It even had a tatami room, which is a traditional Japanese room with woven bamboo floors. Oh! and the balcony was the size of out current apartment, so that was nice. So, are you wondering why all of this is in the past tense? That is because we didn't get accepted - because we are foreign. Awesome. Not. So, now we have to struggle through the whole process again in hopes that we can find a place by May. Wish us luck! This next statement might be considered out of the blue and a tad bit too political for our blog, but, people that don't believe working immigrants deserve any rights obviously haven't lived in a foreign country - and maybe they should experience it at some point to better make their important decisions.

That's all the thoughts from our little couch in Japan. For now.