Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sasebo Burger #2

We were wandering around trying to find a place to eat dinner last night. Which in it's self was pretty crazy. The fact that we were together that is. Brandon has been working like crazy this week. He is making big changes at the restaurant and we all know that can take time out of any boss's life. We realized that Ron's Burger Shop was finally open, and finally with no line! As fate would have it, there was no one inside at all. We wandered in to be greeted by Ron. I would say "Ron himself", however he was quick to tell us it's not really his name. It's just for kicks. I didn't know Ron was an All-American name, I always thought it was a tad bit more unique. After striking up conversation, we ordered 2 Ron Burger's, one with no mayo of course, and 2 Miller Lites. Yes, he sells Miller Lite, how awesome is that?

The ingredients were the same as the Big Man Sasebo Burger, so we were anxious to see what made Ron's so different that he could attach his name to his Sasebo Burger. Well, for starters he actually cooked the bacon a bit, making it a bit less like a Christmas ham. Then, he used hard boiled egg and toasted the bun. We are now in agreeance the toasted bun really makes the difference in this whole Sasebo Burger experience we are beginning to have. Oh, and this guy, whose real name is Yoichi, has a burger that is 2.7kg. It's a big deal, today there was a news crew covering it on TV. Also, you can get it cut into 8 pieces. You know, just in case your family that is watching you be an idiot gets hungary and wants to join in the fun. All I can think about is the guy on man vs. food, eating a 2.7kg Ron's Sasebo Burger in a shop decorated like a 50's diner with signatures of famous people from Star Wars all over the wall. Oh yea, and Miller Lite.

It was quite a fun experience sitting at the counter talking to "Ron" while we drank our familiar beer. It turns out this guy is obsessed with American things, and actually explained to his girlfriend where Texas was by reminding her of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. That was pretty funny to watch, not the movie but the description. The point is that we really liked them even with all of the broken English and Japanese, we all seemed to be having a great time. So great in fact that we are meeting them Tuesday for dinner. They are going to take us to a real Japanese Steak House. Totally pumped about that considering I don't know if either of us have been to a fake Japanese Steak House. That's right, we just picked up some new friends. Actually, speaking of friends. We are going out with the old Navy dude's tonight. This should make for a very unproductive Monday. Good thing it's Brandon's day off!

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