Tuesday, October 13, 2009

our minds are back in texas

There are 2 kinds of helicopter rides. There is the one where you are soaring high above the islands of Hawaii, looking down on flowing lava and waterfalls and unremarkable green mountains and trees. Then, there is the other one, the not so fun one. It's usually bright orange, and holds up traffic on a 6 lane highway. Well, my(jewell's mom) had to take a ride in one of those and we are stuck here in Japan while she and my grandma are stuck in a hospital.

I'll spare you the injury details, but it was a car accident and they are both on the mend now thanks to fast medical help and said helicopter ride. But, these are two women who don't like to sit around for awhile. My mom is a runner and my grandma well, she loves to do. She would rather be up helping people. So, recovery will be hard not only because of the rehabilitation's, but due mostly to the fact they can't be themselves to the fullest.

We just keep sending our love, because unfortunately thats all we can do, along with flowers and care packages of course. Which, mom if you are reading this-yes, one is on the way! Brandon and I just want to thank everyone who has helped our family, as well as those who have sent their love and continue to check up on us and mom and nana!

mom and nana are catholic, so this picture is for them.

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