Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lycee moment

The moment I(jewell) have been waiting for. Ever since my trip to Hong Kong and southern China, I have been storing the taste and memory of the Lycee in a special place in the most cherished part of my brain. The part that remembers things no matter how long ago they happened. Things like the first time I rode the Peter Pan ride at Disney World.

I can't explain my obsession with this fruit. All I can tell you is that it's the perfect amount of sweet with the perfect texture. It also comes with a bit of work, you have to peel each piece, so it makes it even more worth it when you savor the greatness.

At dinner the other night, they had a bowl of prepped-to-peel lycee's, and I ate about 15, and it was as magical as I remember. Of course the outer skin, the pretty part had been removed leaving this rough dark wrinkly and unrecognizable exterior-but I don't judge. It makes all of those times I consumed fake substitutes in the form of sorbet and martini's really worth it.

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  1. Did you eat 15!!
    I didn't know that many!