Monday, October 26, 2009

mikan blast

I went to an orange orchard (not quite sure it's called an orchard) today with my friend and her hilarious kids for a class field trip. We had an awesome time picking a bag full of ready to eat, ripe off the vine oranges and had a picnic among the orange trees. It was fun to be around a lot of people and go do something so totally Japanese. The oranges here actually look and taste just like a tangerine, but hey, I don't judge. Loved it!

hey, mr. caterpillar.

my TOMs and I conquering Japan one orchard at a time.

This bag was actually more heavy then you might think. Add in two little kiddo's, a stroller, a foreign language, and a picnic . . .I don't know how these mom's do it! Kudos's!

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