Friday, April 20, 2012

time goes by

When I have nothing to write about it REALLY means that we live a real life here in Japan. What happened to the times when everything was new and different?

I suppose I will break the news! We have made a family decision to move home to the States. Our plan is to pack up and move out in time for Christmas this year. There will be so much to do before we leave, my mind gets foggy just thinking about it. More things to see; making sure that we cross everything off our list that we keep putting off. Currently that list is:

1. Climb Mt. Fuji this summer.
2. Spend an night at an onsen hotel, one that over looks Mt. Fuji with person onsen's.
3. Go to Osaka.

Who knows what will really happen, but I do know that we will make the most of our time left here in Japan. Maybe I will get around to posting a thing or two about it if we're lucky.