Tuesday, October 20, 2009

korean bbq extraveganza

It's been awhile since we have really done anything. This may seem weird, since living in Japan itself could be considered doing something, but what we mean by that is, we haven't been very adventurous lately.

We were supposed to go to Fukuoka City today, a one hour train ride north of the city, but we opted to wait, because after all of the research we decided we want to stay overnight. So, we spent another day relaxing in Sasebo City. We spent the day catching up on our beloved shows like Dexter and The Amazing Race. For dinner we met up with Ayumi, one of Brandon's managers for Korean BBQ.

So, Korean BBQ, let us tell you that it is amazing. It takes the meat factory to a new level. In the Willett family we call the Brazilian BBQ (or churrascaria) the meat factory, because honestly, they walk around with sticks of meat in crazy uniforms like robots giving you everything you need, in the meat sense that is.. Well, at the Korean meat factory you pay about 3,200Y ($35) a person for unlimited meats, veggies, rice, fruit, dessert and booze. Yes, you read right-booze. Well, one of those meats happens to be tongue, we had our first tongue - and it was good. Very chewy, but very good. Not going lie though, the fact that you cook it yourself made it a bit easier, because Jewell the one that's always scared was able to scorch hers as to make it more acceptable. But, after clearing three plates of raw meat (don't worry mom, we had three bowls of veggies!) and cleaning out the restaurants gin bottle, we left with happy hearts and pleased stomachs...once again.

three cuts of beef, chicken, and a nicely presented plate of tongue!

Ayumi cookin' up some deliciousness!

In Japan they have coffee jelly everywhere, like it's going out of style, even Starbucks has a version. So, we took this oppertunity to try it! It wasn't too bad, but it came with a cute little creamer so that made it seem better. Personaly, I have never been a jello fan, but that's what it was. So chances are slim either of us will ever have it again, but we get what the big deal is. . .if you like jello.

It's funny how the United States is considered a melting pot and you can find pretty much any food you could ever want. However, why is it that it took us moving to Japan to really venture out and see what the world has to offer? Well, as culturally diverse as we may have thought we were, we were missing out on some really great things!

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  1. The Korean bbq was great!!
    I had so much fun Desu!
    Let's do dinner sometime!!