Friday, November 20, 2009


Things are getting physical around here. Here is something funny-today when I was crossing the street to walk home, I came face to face with a Japanese girl. Now, this happens quite often. They have been known to try so hard to avoid eye contact with anyone, that while they are giving every bit of effort to avoid you, they walk right into you. Even though you were yourself, trying to avoid the collision, knowing full well, if this nice person would just pick their head up they would see you. Who cares about your eyes, they would at least see you! So, in trying to avoid yet another awkward collision, I could see the process was going to be repeated, just another notch on the collision post. Well, she stops. Looks up at me. Goes "uheeeeeeeh!?"-think Tim Allen from Home Improvement. She abruptly turns around and starts to run her high heel boots and dress-with black tights (I'm serious when I say it's all the rage). Now, I keep walking because I am trying not to draw attention to the fact that I possibly scared some innocent 20something so badly that she had to run away from me. But then, she hops into the passenger seat of a car parked on the side of the road. So here in lies the part that is funny to me. Did she forget something? Well if that was true, she wouldn't have stayed in the car, right? She would have just opened the door and got what she needed and walked back to cross the intersection. Was she in a fight and quickly regretted getting out of the car? Nope, not tears. So, I am shamefully left to believe that she was going to part from her friend and cross the street, but something about running into me scared her so much, that she had to run as fast as she could a block and a half in heeled boots back to the car which she had just left. I used to think us Texans were lame with all of our waving and conversations with strangers about things you should never tell strangers, but at the current moment I miss that. However, I wouldn't be laughing my ass off right it's a toss up I suppose.

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  1. lol.. uh, whaaat? maybe she has never seen a white person in real life before? and it scared the bageezus out of her. but really, who knows what it could have been. theres so many possibilities. it could have been anyone she looked up at. haha.. that is kind of funny though.