Thursday, November 26, 2009

crock pot thanksgiving

The only thing that wasn't a success about our Thanksgiving was that our family was 6,559 miles away, asleep. We made the most of it though, as promised. The managers came over, with gifts of fruit-I love that in Japan strawberries and fruit tart covered lady finger cakes are hostess gifts. I also love that people actually bring hostest gifts.

We started the day early, searing off the pot roast and drinking eggnog. Two things that should always go hand in hand-hot pans and drinking. Then we watched classic movies like the Royal Tenenbaums while we diced up vegetables on our coffee table and cleaned our 20 sq. feet of our apartment. The smell in the apartment was insane by mid day and Brandon just had to keep "testing" the roast. I got my culinary genius on and thawed out a pecan pie...and let me tell you, it was awesome. Brandon, the guy with actual skills, wins the prize. He pulled together this dish at the last minute, I mean more last minute then these plans already were. The acorn squash I bought on base - first wrong move - was moldy on the inside, not doubt my karma for ignoring the amazing produce at both the street market and our neighborhood grocery store. So, there is this new food that we discovered. It looks like a tomato, but it's orange, it tastes sweet, but has the texture of a pumpkin...and it has the coolest name ever: Kaki. We bought 6 of them, then Brandon peeled and chopped them and finished them by tossing them in a frying pan with butter, salt, and pepper. So, I thought we needed squash for Thanksgiving, but I was wrong. Now, we will be on an endless quest for Kaki for the rest of our lives.

kaki & squash

In the end, things worked out fine, and we were just as full as any other stuff your-self-tired Thanksgiving we've ever had. Just as drunk, and just as happy. Just a different kind of happy because nothing replaces being with our families. Awe, I sappy can this get right?

our little table-and chair- of food.

the plate

our company with Brandon


Oh, and in case you were wondering. The second wrong move - was getting up at 3:45 to go wait in line at the base exchange for "black Friday". Three hours in the cold and I didn't even get anything for free...not even coffee. Pretty lame, I say.

threw this in just for a laugh. yes, the only place for our crock pot was on top of the washer.
and then there are dishes, which take over the sink all in every part of the world.


  1. Those look like persimmons! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Looks like they are! I guess kaki is the japanese name!