Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taipei: The Food

First things first, everything we read about Taipei referred to Stinky Tofu. While we respectfully tried it, and even kinda liked it, there was so much more food that we also fell in love with. Everything was spicy, and we have not had the pleasure of too much food that makes you want to rip your tongue off in quite awhile. Treasure alone was the look on Brandon's face every time a new pork dish was delivered to him. Talk about someones heaven, Brandon's would involve pork, pork, and well, some kind of spicy pork. We both agree though, the most amazing thing that touched our lips were the dumplings. These dumplings were perfect, with a-brace yourself-pork soup center. Here are some of our most memorable dishes, be prepared for your mouth to water.

every part of the duck imaginable-Street Food at the Night Market

Stinky Tofu-Street Food at the Night Market

Brandon's debut as a Travel Food Host...whoomp, whoomp.

Then there were these other amazing things:

Sweet Tofu Pudding with Peanuts, Ginger, & Lotus Seed

Chicken with Red Peppers, Green Onion, & Cashews

Bubble Tea!!

Braised Pork, with Turnip Greens on the inside

Beef with Green Onion & Chinese Eggplant

Did we mention that we went to a German Brewery?!
And, the best dumplings. ever.

Pork Soup Dumpling, Shot over Chicken Soup

We ate 3 Dim Sum Baskets Full!

And that concludes the Taipei Food Section!

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