Sunday, November 29, 2009

the first 3

The first three months have come and gone.

In celebration of this fine moment-that was actually a week ago-here is a list of all the things we have come to love since moving to Japan:
  1. our ramen shop
  2. sleeping on a futon mat
  3. eating everything with chopsticks
  4. the children's school uniforms-especially the hats
  5. curry stew cooked inside donuts
  6. packaging
  7. train rides
  8. brandon's acquired rice addiction
  9. little Japanese men dressing to the 9's to walk around town
  10. tiny plants
  11. Dutch theme parks
  12. taxi's
  13. shochu
  14. learning how to write about our adventures
  15. peanut butter, nutella, and honey
  16. big umbrellas
  17. gin
  18. toilets that make rain forest sounds
  19. getting mail
  20. stairs

Just for kicks, here are some things we don't really like:

  1. stairs
  2. our A/C unit runs on a 3 hour timer
  3. we can't figure out how to use the dryer
  4. we can stand in our bathroom and kitchen at the same time
  5. the weak US dollar
  6. the mean guy at Hotto Motto
  7. laundry
  8. being 6,559 miles from our friends and family

a picture from our first day in Sasebo-and our first meal.

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