Tuesday, November 24, 2009

tomorrow is...

The grey clouds are looming. But not the weather kind...tomorrow is thanksgiving!

We are starting to think that the holidays will be like the slap in the face we knew some people wanted to give us when we told them we were packing up and leaving our perfectly great life for two years. Just kidding, but in all honesty, while excited to be all married and making new memories of our own and stuff, I will be a little more humbled by that fact that I can't devour crescent rolls and my grandma's via mom asparagus casserole-or more importantly who will sneak as many Better Cheddars out of the box as she can with out mom noticing? Brandon will in turn be humbled by the fact that he can't devour his mom's cakes and riced mash potatoes and his dad's shitake mushroom gravy. What will it be like without our family? For goodness sake, what will it be like without a turkey! We have never known a Thanksgiving with out them-the family or the turkey.

But, you will be happy to know we are attempting our first Thanksgiving alone in Japan. It will be accomplished in a crock pot on a two burner stove, with no oven. See the video below if you don't believe it. We bought a chuck roast, and plenty of savory veggies, some rice and there will be mash potatoes and sauteed garlic spinach. Oh, and of course I bought a squash-because it's Thanksgiving and I simply must have a squash. There is also a ready to eat (booooooo) Pecan Pie but, it will do because we got Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. The other reason why all of this will do is because we have stock piled massive amounts of gin and red wine. So, in the end, crock pot Thanksgiving is probably the best idea considering the foreseen alcohol consumption.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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