Saturday, September 19, 2009

current happenings

Monday is Honor the Aged Day here for the Nihon-jin (Japanese). It's an actual celebrated national holiday, not a Hallmark holiday that most Amerika-jin (Americans) have to google the date of. For those of you in shock, yes, we have a Grandparent's day and it falls the first Sunday after Labor Day. Get this, some people have a 5 day weekend because of it! Jealous much?!

After expressing great fear to his staff about how we might obtain some candy corn with October approaching, a sweet waitress went out and bought us our October supply of candy corn! If you don't know, we eat candy corn for a month straight in this house hold. November 1st is a very sad day around the Willett's. Yes, we know you can buy it year round, but there is no justification as to the amount that we intake, except to blame it on Halloween, and you can not blame it on Halloween approaching in let's say, mid-March.

We have been collecting things for the dorm room. The theme seems to be approaching shades of green with some white and blue. Wasn't planned it just seems to be happening. We have a table being delivered tomorrow, and then the decorating can ensue. We are trying to keep it low budget, but we really need to make this place like home stat. One can only hang out in a white room for so long. . .

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