Wednesday, September 23, 2009

current happenings

Our neighbor's roof top bonsai tree garden. it's nice to see every morning, day, and night when we step out of our front door.

Some ships on base. We have never seen them lined up like this, something must be happening?

Cheapest melon we have seen yet, and it was at the grocery store across the street. It would be roughly $15.19.

This base fiddle sat outside all day long. Another testimony to how honest the Japanese are, and this is also the view from our new apartment, just in case you were wondering. Sort of a downgrade in a view that's for sure.

Saw this in the vending machine. Aloe & Grape Minute Maid. My mom (jewell's mom) would cry if she found out I didn't at least try it. She is a BIG fan of the aloe, I have to fight her away with a stick from rubbing it all over me when I have a sunburn, which considering I was a lifeguard for 9 years was quite a fight. . .but, mom's do know best, I credit her %100 to my amazingly gorgeous tan skin. Anyway, I haven't tried it yet, I am diligently waiting for Brandon to get home. But, that is our collection of tiny cacti in the background there.

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