Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a new friend

She's arrived! We have a new little nugget of cuteness to buy presents for and hug and squeeze, and most definitely make awkward. We want to congratulate our very, very great friends on their new baby girl! Charley was born Thursday, September 24, and from the looks of it, is very happy and healthy. We are so excited for Ben and Andie, we only wish we could have been there to bring the obnoxious "It's a Girl" balloon! We can't wait to return and share in the joy that I am sure Charley is and will become.

*due to the fact that Ben & Andie don't use any social networking sites we're going to assume they don't really want any pictures of their little lady on the intraweb quite yet, sorry. But, trust me...she's CUTE!!!

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