Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pearl Sea Resort

We know we have been holding this kayak adventure over everyone's head, but we just keep getting everything wrong. Which is unbearable to Jewell and her planning obsession. We arrived at the Pearl Sea Resort Monday afternoon, only to find out that they only offer kayaking on Sunday's. Grrrrr, Autum. In an effort to rescue our long awaited adventure we hoped on the pirate ship for a lazy cruise around the 99 Islands instead. What do you know?! It was amazing! Talk about beauty at our fingertips. We passed by islands that were so small with tiny beaches and topped with lush greenery. They just made us wish we could crawl up on the beach (this is where the kayaks would have been awesome), unpack a picnic, and spend the day on our own personal island drinking chu-hi's and waving to the crusies that go by. Pardon my fantasy, but tell me that doesnt sound amazing?

see, they do exisit!

the bouey's you see are used for pearl farming, 2 million lbs. of oysters a year.

they filmed landscape scenes from The Last Samari in the 99 Islands. Rightfully so.

Mandatory Sno-Cone Break!!

mango and sweetened condensed milk.

Moving on, we went to the aquarium. That was a good time. The Jelly fish exibit was the best, but we saw a great amount of crabs and sea turtles as well. Sasebo seems to really love their wildlife.

finger sea weed & sea turtles
dolphin show!!

horseshoe crabs & jelly fish

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