Monday, April 12, 2010

To Tokyo

So, we have made you wait long enough! Here are a few summaries of our amazing trek across Japan!

Part I: To Tokyo

Bright and early we caught our first train out of Sasebo, the start of a nine hour journey to Tokyo! We didn't exactly know it would take nine hours, but in true Amazing Race style we stumbled upon a few moments of "what do you mean we can't take the train from Fukuoka to Tokyo?!" So, after we made all of the right connection plans and cursed the train schedule the man at the domestic travel agency had given me, we were on our way!
The Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

Upon arrival at the most amazing hotel (Westin Tokyo) we have stayed at to date we cleaned up for a wonderful traditional Japanese meal, they even had veggie sushi rolls for me and the baby! After a full night of rest(in an actual bed!) we boarded a tour bus for a half-day tour of major sites in Tokyo. We are usually very anti-organized tour, but when given one day to conquer a city that should really be given 7 days, we agreed to cave in, but just to a half day. After we disembarked from our crazy little tour guide we found our way through the Tokyo Subway to Shibuya. The sole purpose of this adventure was to a. conquer the subway system and, b. walk across Shibuya Crossing. If you haven't heard about the Tokyo Subway, it basically looks like you threw some multi-colored noodles on a plate and attached Japanese characters to particular destinations along each noodle. Also, equally intimidating is the Shibuya Crossing. This is a 5-way intersection in-which it's said 1,000 people cross each time the light changes. Although, I am now convinced from experience - it's probably more. Awesome. Well, we conquered each task with such ease and delight that we moved on to the next thing. Finding the H&M. For some big city shopping. Funny how we could find our way through a plate of spaghetti and pass safely across the street with 1,000 people but we couldn't locate a store 150meters away from us. Eventually, it happened and we successfully completed 3 things on the top of our "Must Do" list.
Outside the Imperial Palace, well a guard tower at least.

Walking through a temple market.

Shibuya Crossing in action.

Hope you have enjoyed this first portion of our trip, in the next section you get to hear all about the Beatles Club!

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