Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Thoughts

If for some reason you were not already aware, we are in the process of growing our first little baby in my belly. I am currently 16 weeks along and finally starting to look a little bit more like a pregnant lady and not someone with a serious cupcake fetish.

It's weird to think that the most important thing we will be bringing home is a child. As of February of this year we were under the impression the most important thing would be a full set of china from the beloved pottery factory in our town. If that isn't a testament to how fast your priorities can change, I don't know what is. I have always considered myself a citizen of the world, and now we get to raise a child who will really be a citizen of this great big place. Although, for those of you who are wondering we will hop on a train and travel to the Embassy to obtain a baby passport and social security card. So, technically, it will be an American. . .but it's all in perspective.

16 weeks in the belly.


  1. Look how screamingly cute you are! Are you going to get dual citizenship for bebbeh?

    And are you starting to feel better yet? 16 weeks is when you should stop wanting to die, right?

  2. thanks! i toyed with posting the pics...but i gave in to it. :-)I am feeling like 400x better now! oh, and Japan doesn't honor dual citizenship...whomp, whomp. But it's okay I am sure that would get sticky anyway since the baby will most of it's life in the USA.

  3. Too cute!!! Crazy how time goes by so quickly... so will you all announce the sex of Baby Willett soon?