Monday, April 12, 2010

Part II: To Tokyo

Part II: The Tokyo Cavern Club
If you must know, this event gets it's own post because it's no lie that we are obsessed with The Beatles. So, after seeing a CNN report about a year ago when researching living in Japan, we already knew that this night was happening, some way, some how. So, on our only night in Tokyo we took our parents to the ever so tame Roppongi neighborhood to hear a Japanese Beatles tribute band. By tame, I mean that it's not tame at all. For those of you from Texas, imagine 6th Street in Austin times 10.
It is designed like the original Cavern Club The Beatles first played in and the walls are covered with albums, autographs, and photos at every inch. They serve themed cocktails also! We were able to reserve a table and since we called so far ahead of time we were right in front of center stage. What makes the whole experience so insanely cool, is the band doesn't speak a lick of English, but sings every song perfectly. It was fantastic. I would definitely NOT miss this if you are ever in Tokyo!

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