Monday, August 31, 2009

you say it's your birthday

It's one of our parents birthday's!

We wish we could be there, yes we do. But, alas...we have reached the first special thing we must miss in the list of many. So, we made Mama Willett a cake of sorts. It's yellow butter cream with cream cheese filling, chocolate frosting, and blue shades of icing, of course. Please note the intricate detail on the took a really long time. Hope everyone enjoys their piece!

In all seriousness SueMom, we hope you have the greatest of days, all be it a little less great since we are not there...but a day filled with family, fun, games, delicious eats, maybe some cotton candy stashed in a garbage bag, some crazy hallmark singing cards, and of course...ridiculous jokes from Richard. We wish we could put a hug in the mail and send it to you, but instead we leave you with this little number.

Your special birthday song.

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