Friday, August 28, 2009


Life is settling in fast here in Sasebo. Brandon's work schedule is in full swing, much to his demise we did not get to travel to Osaka the first week we were here. That amazing trip will have to wait, and we are waiting on pins and needles.

We found a permanent place to live. It's just as small, but the bills are all paid and it comes with the necessary furnishings, TV, Internet, table, fridge, microwave, and the oh so lovely two burner stove. Most importantly to Jewell, the bed is not up a ladder. The great thing is that it sits right on the edge of downtown making Brandon's walk to work 15 minutes and any necessary cab rides about 500Yen. Sure, we traded comfort for location, but we are here to experience the city and this way we are right inside. We will smell the fresh food market in the morning and see the flicker of flashing neon lights at night. A moments walk from multiple sushi houses, tiny bars, market shopping, and local grocery marts. Not to mention there is a frozen custard stand right outside our front door.

We felt a little cliche when we rented Lost in Translation before we left Texas, but if you can't stomach the idea of that movie, then you shouldn't move to a place where you don't speak the language. For so many years, I dealt with people who didn't know what I was saying...and they were only from Mexico. Now, it's my turn. Living in a country where I don't know basic conversation, I admit I was never great at language, but learning is taking longer then I would like. And by that, I mean I am taking longer then I thought to start learning.

Brandon is working diligently with Rosetta Stone, and I am flipping between that and the notion that I start Japanese class in about 3 weeks.

The food is amazing. We have eaten sushi fresh out of the water from the tank right next to our seat and every part of the chicken you can imagine, cooked in every way. We have become regulars at the Ramen Shop that sits at the bottom of our hill, both officially choosing a favorite and hoping they will eventually know to just make it. We have had crispy fish cakes, dumplings so moist and flavorful you wish you could ship them home in their pure form to prove their greatness, and cleared every single grain of rice from our bowls for fear that Erica's grandma would hit our hand. In fact, we are eating so much that our bank account is loosing weight, so we are going to be cutting back a bit for the sake of our security. But have no fear when we go back out there, we will be armed with our chopsticks and ready.

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  1. I need to see pictures of the new place. Do you have the same toilet? Hook me up with that bidet dude!! OOOOO and mail me some of those dumplings!!