Sunday, June 13, 2010

wild sunday life

We went to BioPark again! This time the sun was shining and the animals we out, as opposed to last time when everyone with a brain was hiding from the snow. This was Brandon's first visit so that was also some thing that made this trip more exciting.

If it's one thing we are becoming master's at it would have to be mass transportation. We find ourselves doing things that we never thought we would ever do, just to get to a zoo. Here is how it works when you have no car in a foreign land (take a deep reading breath): walk to the train station, take the train to Huis ten Bousch Station, walk to Loreli Hotel, catch the BioPark Shuttle Bus, go enjoy the zoo, catch the shuttle back to the hotel, walk back to the train, realize that you have to take the train to a random station to switch train lines unless you want to wait a whole hour until the train that will take you straight to Sasebo, decide to do this train switching adventure, make the switch successfully, thank God that number's are a universal language, arrive back in Sasebo and finally walk to your favorite Ramen Shop because all that just made you and your pregnant wife really, really hungry. Then walk home with enough time to watch the sunset off your new balcony.
That's right, all in a days work now. To think when we first arrived one train ride was ridiculous enough for us to handle!

Oh, yes-and this is one really fun zoo!

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