Friday, June 4, 2010

what the belly?!

Yes, I realize this is the 3rd baby post in a row, making this more of a baby blog at the moment, but we promise to do some more posting about other things soon. We live in this great new neighborhood and have fallen in love with a new restaurant and a new jazz bar. Also, we have raided a local used/vintage furniture store that I can't wait to post on. Life seems to be on auto-pilot these days, just living from one day to the next. The apartment is almost put together and we will soon be starting on the nursery for baby Ella - fun times ahead with that adventure!

Here is the baby belly-23 weeks in! Have a wonderful day!


  1. whoa! you're getting so big! love the photo.. lookin' stylish as always.

  2. You're still tiny, it's just a round Elly Belly. Plus, I'm extra interested in your baby posts and pics, so keep at 'em.