Saturday, January 21, 2012

current happenings

Well these homes are more than awesome.

Walking around in Kamakura neighborhoods. Apparently they have a knack for modern architecture.


  1. Those houses look awesome! I need one of those...

  2. It was amazing. They just kept getting better and better. and then, there were horses walking around the streets. no big deal.

  3. I just discovered you're blog when I saw your LeoPalace apartment tour (from 2009! I didn't realise it was so long ago when I posted a comment on there the other day about your couch! Ha!) and its a relief to know you managed to share a leopalace since me and my husband will have to as we are moving to Toyama in March. We're going over there to teach English but we feel its a permanent move.

    You're blog has really made me feel a lot better about the whole situation, thank you so much! xxx

    1. Thanks! That is so sweet of you, I am so glad that someone was able to get something out of all the rambling! LeoPalace is pretty intense, but the good news is they are all different. So, hopefully the one you and your hubs get assigned to will be a little bigger than ours! We made it work for a year, but once I was 8 months pregnant we had to move. That place is way to small for 3! Its a great starter place since it is furnished with everything. Have fun, I'm here if you ever have any questions.

  4. Thanks very much! I might just take you up on that! haha xxx