Monday, March 7, 2011

our baby rocks::to tokyo, again.

We had another house guest! Stephanie from Okinawa by way of Texas came to visit our new digs. We haven't seen her since our "White Trash" going away party in Dallas 2 years ago. She now lives in Okinawa where she works for the same company as Brandon. Here is how we spent our last two days. A crash course in Japan. A mix of old and new. Valuable sights it's taken us a year to discover and to combine into one day.

We started the day at Meiji Shrine. An absolutely picture perfect setting of nature, Japanese tradition and culture set in the middle of the bustling city. It's beautiful here and Sunday is the best day. Why? Because everyone gets married, that's why. We witnessed at least 5 weddings happening within the 20 minutes we were at the main shrine.

Stephanie actually recognized this Kimono as Okinawan because of the head-dress. The large white one above is what we have always seen in photos, it was awesome to see both! It seems to have been a very important family, as they had security guards clearing traffic and stopping paparazzi tourist like myself. However, they could have just sprung for the better package.

Directly across the street you can find where insanity comes to life. Harajuku. This neighborhood hosts street after street of wild n' crazy stores and people. This is where you find the "Goths" & "Lolita's" and such. Except, we saw none. Please take notice of the man below, wearing gold-fish goldfish. I had a great full body shot until he decided to whip out a ninja kick in the middle of my click. I would have taken the time to set up another but a local complained too many Gaijin (foreigners) were blocking the street. So, since I understood - much to their surprise - I moved along.

Ella was one of the attractions. People kept stopping us to take her photo!

We picked up some Gyros from this awesome guy, who also promptly fell in love with Ella. Proceeded to find a curb and be told by an old Japanese lady that we were spilling too much food on the ground. Forgive us, we are not skilled in the ancient art of eating messy street food with a baby in tow.

And lastly, why do we have the best baby ever? Well, just look below for (the best) example 1. of millions.

Just plain passed out in the middle of chaos.

Oh! And, we went to the Buddha. Again.

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  1. Fun!!! She is so awesome! I think she needs to teach me how to sleep. xoxo

    Steph P.