Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nagasaki Lantern Festival

The last time we went to Nagasaki we got so lost that the mention of the city makes my mind spin. In fact, we were prepared to never go back. This time we went on a bus (a much cheaper and efficient way) with a bunch of people from the base and we didn't get lost - except in the insane crowd.

We ditched the tour guide as soon we arrived, after all, Chinatown was the one thing we actually found when we first visited Nagasaki. This was a much different Chinatown. On the last trip it was a ghost town, but not this time. We made out way from park to park trying to catch Dragon Dances and Chinese Acrobats - but we didn't really get to see anything because every event was so crowded that you spent most of your time watching out for people pushing through the crowds and not so much time looking up. So, we happily walked the streets looking at all the lanterns, which were very detailed and as the sun started to set filled with illumination.

Overall, we really enjoyed taking a long awaited adventure - no matter how nauseous one of us might have been.

And then there was this. It was like the main event, I should have had a protective bubble around our unborn child because of all the pushing and shoving to get a view of these offerings.

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