Sunday, January 3, 2010

fukuoka for the first time

We traveled to Fukuoka on the train the other day. We took the chance to go with Tom and Laura and they showed us the whole city in a sort of walking/subway tour. Getting a crash course on the subway system was nice so we don't look like complete idiots when we go to Tokyo in March. Although, I'm sure we will most definetly still look like idiots. It was so great to get an idea of what to do and where to go. It's a big city with national sports teams and big glass buildings - the opposite of Nagasaki. It was more international and the shopping appears to be spectacular. Safe to say, we can't wait to go back and spend a few days visiting temples, attending a Fukuoka Hawks baseball game and shopping.

The pictures are quite random but it wasn't so much about the pictures this time around.

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