Monday, July 6, 2009

one step at a time

Today was another day off filled with errands. we had to be out of our apartment at 10 again so the landlord could show it off. It's true this place hasn't stayed this nice in a long time. So, we rolled our very tired bodies out of bed, and off we went.

Jewell wanted bacon and eggs. So, we made a stop at Jim's, a simple local diner that we have always loved. One more thing we got to check off of our dining list!

We made copies of things, stopped by banks, and went to Borders to pick up a few moving abroad books and and address book. Brandon downloaded Japanese for our ipods, and Jewell went to work entering all of our friends and family into the address book, which next to the Internet, will be our lifeline to communication for awhile.

We have accumulated all of our necessary suitcases!! Our collection consists of 3 large, 2 carry on, and 2 duffel bags...that should get us there. . .hopefully.

Brandon's boss found us our temporary apartment! We got word today that it has one room, a small kitchen, bathroom, closet, and loft area. He says it's a little bit bigger then a hotel room...which makes us wonder, a Japanese hotel room or an American hotel room?? I'm sure there is a difference!! But it will be equal to about $750 US dollars if we decided to extend our stay there or get a new place.

Brandon also got a copy of the floor plan. It's a huge Chili's, a lot like the ones here in the states. He is getting very excited about nailing down the aspects of being a general manager. We know that this is going to help us when we return, because you can't open a truly great business unless you know what you're doing!!
Wondering what apartment shopping is like in Japan. . .

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